Feminine Anger — Just One Take

I can feel her presence. She is always there, nibbling at the frayed edges of my mind. My most intimate and steadfast companion never leaving me behind. Rather, she is the one who jumps into play when others choose to abandon me. I would say she’s back – but truth be told, she never really […]

via Feminine Anger — Just One Take


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Fiery K.

I write, I mother, I evolve, I create. I love, I read Tarot!

3 thoughts on “Feminine Anger — Just One Take”

  1. Sorry to leave you a comment, but I didn’t see any contact information listed on your website. I’m working on writing a follow-up post about feminine anger and am asking influential women I know for quotes to include in my writing. Everyone will remain anonymous unless I am directly told it is okay to use someone’s name. What I wanted to as is… if you are willing to share, I would appreciate a comment from you about feminine anger. It can be about a personal experience or something you’ve observed – either directly in your personal life or perhaps in the media.

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