Biddy Card of the Week, Strength Reversed

“I’ve been taking these stutter steps towards my future for a long time now, unsure if I can do it, unsure if my difficulties are just growing pains or permanent disability. I need to take a lot of breaks to rest and re-group, but even if I have to hop instead of fly most of the time, I keep going. Just like the little bird.” 

– The Little Bird, by Rachel Mankowitz

* * *

Fiery K. Tarot

Biddy Tarot’s Card of the Week is Strength, reversed.

Biddy Tarot says that:

“This week, you may be feeling exhausted and in need of an energy boost. Remember, all your energy reserves and strength come from within. Take some time out this week to pause and reflect, and gather up your energy. Even though you may be lacking in strength, vitality and energy, it doesn’t mean you have to be completely incapacitated this week. Instead, go within to access your energy reserves and restore your inner strength.

You may also find that your inner strength and confidence is compromised this week. You may be doubting yourself and your ability to move through any challenges that have come your way. This is your opportunity to go deep within, and reconnect with your inner source of power and strength. You may have relied on others to provide this to you in the…

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