July Eclipse and Vesta

(www.skyandtelescope.com is the source of the feature photo,
which is a “SkyMap with additions by the author (Bob King))

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“Around the time of this eclipse and in the months to follow, revelation of our deeper motivations will continue.

“If we’re pursuing agendas introjected from others or presiding social mores, this will become abundantly and undeniably clear.

“Childhood patterns, familial expectations so deeply rooted they feel like our own, dictates of society, religion, spiritual teachings past and present, all may shape us aside from our authentic spirit.

“This eclipse season, and especially this lunar eclipse, opens Pandora’s box of influences to reveal what’s really going on.

“It may not look pretty at first, but in the long run it will foster greater awareness and understanding, diminishing our capacity to be influenced by externals to serve agendas not our own.

“Of course, it works both ways! Others may awaken to our influence and begin to resist what once felt like minds and hearts in accord. Offering space to each other to process and explore these internal upwellings will be a compassionate gift of great value now, although not one easily given.

“It can be deeply unsettling when the ground of significant relationships begins to shift and swell.

Patience, with ourselves and each other, as we all navigate a changing interior will go a long way to reducing potential conflict that could do more harm than good.

“We still have one more eclipse to go (a solar eclipse in Leo on 11th August) so this process of unveiling is not yet complete.

“And with Mercury retrograde until the middle of next month, there will be plenty of opportunity to get to the root of things and recalibrate perspectives accordingly.”


On 31st July, asteroid Vesta completes a retrograde journey begun on 9th May. This feels significant and supportive. Vesta, keeper of the hearth fire and the sacred flame, imbues us with hope and devotion to those causes which matter. She completes her retrograde passage in Sagittarius, the sign of faith and optimism, reminding us that attitude and perspective are crucial to how we experience life. If we decide there’s no hope, nothing will change (or too much is changing!), we can’t get what we want, we always mess up or everything is everyone else’s fault, we’ll reap difficult outcomes now. But if we embrace Vesta’s message – that even in the darkest hour, the tiniest flame of faith in life’s restorative power can light our way– we may be surprised at just how much changes in ways deemed impossible before.

It will be tempting to take life very personally at this point! And who wouldn’t? I mean…. life is a very personal experience! But it’s also an impersonal one, unfolding around and through us without consideration of individual needs, concerns and desires. The more we can appreciate the achingly intimate and expansively impersonal maelstrom that is life, the better we can act with power when necessary and relinquish control when we must, led by the innate intelligence of a life whose mysterious ways are forever beyond our understanding and yet seeded deep within our soul.

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 The science behind Vesta’s journey can be found here: www.skyandtelescope.com.



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