Hello Sweaty Betty!

So many great things out there by you guys, I don’t even have to write a thing sometimes lol! This is an awesome post on Night Sweats. Which thankfully I have not experienced yet! But I am in the last few years of my peri (because it’s not supposed to go much longer than 10 years, right??????? – before the transition is complete?) – and since my body temp has risen and my hot flashes are becoming more aggressive, and my period is MIA for two cycles now, I am assuming this may not be far in my future.

I am so glad she warned me! I had NO IDEA! This is how bad it gets! Thank you Perimenopause Ponderings for describing as bluntly as you needed to!!!!!


spinsta 31.2018

My Best Breast Forward

My first night sweat was a somewhat memorable occurrence in that it wasn’t what I expected at all and that it had me laying there wide-eyed realising I was probably entering the ‘menopause”. I dismissed that the next morning and put it down to a high temperature (nothing like a night sweat but convinced myself anyway!) but who was I kidding really?? That was about 4 years ago, and I was 44. The perimenopause was just a “fad” then and so unfamiliar and I was far too young for the menopause wasn`t I?!Oh how much there was to learn and how much wiser I am now !This perimenopause stage and all its symptoms “having a party” had and was going to be around long before I hit menopause!

So, I am going to discuss sweating! Which I know sounds revolting but these night sweats are in a league of their…

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5 thoughts on “Hello Sweaty Betty!”

    1. lol thank you for writing it ! I have zero knowledge to share on that one! Omg last night – I was so ready to go get an ice pack for my pillow though! I”m so tired of being warm and sticky! Though after reading your post on the sweats – I did lay there and feel grateful that I was ONLY sticky!

      I had to open a window. And then I was cold. lol

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